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Shalom and welcome!

My name is Dr. Elana Sztokman and I'm the creator of the Jewish Feminist Academy (formerly the Center for Jewish Feminism) and the new course Jewish Feminism Reimagined (JewFem 2.0)

I have been a Jewish feminist activist and educator for over 25 years. I write, I research, I create, I teach, I organize, I protest, I collaborate towards change, I experiment, I build relationships, and I try to support people in their feminist journeys of change-making and breaking down the patriarchal cultures and structures that so often hold us back. 

I created this course to launch in 2022 because I felt like so much has changed over the past few years -- technology, media cultures, social discourse, political ideologies, the planet, #Metoo, our understandings of life, our health, and all the issues of connectivity and society that go along with that. I felt like so much is shifting, and maybe some of what we thought we knew is not correct anymore, or even relevant. Maybe we need to shift some of our paradigms about our identities, our cultures, and our ambitions for social change.

I started with the world that I know best, which is the Jewish feminist community. I started to approach leaders in the community to ask this question:  How have all these global and cultural changes affected us in our work to make the world more fair and equitable for people of all genders?

I invited dozens of Jewish feminist thought-leaders and activists to engage with me on this question. This course is that conversation, offered to the wide public. For the betterment of us all. 

Obviously, this is only the start. Jewish feminism is where I find myself most at home. But the issues that come up here have broader applications. I have lots of thoughts about what to do when this course is over and what to do next. But I would love to hear YOUR thoughts about that. 


If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to subscribe to my substack newsletter, The Roar. Or check out some of my other sites --  Conversations with my Body, Lioness Books and Media, A Jewish Feminist, my Amazon page, my Youtube channel, or my Facebook page


Truthfully, Facebook is like my skatepark. If you want to chat with me, you'll most likely find me hanging out there. (I am slowly transitioning to Substack, but it is a process.)

Would love to engage with you! Write to me any time at elana (at) I would love to hear from you. 

And thanks for sharing the journey! 



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I'm always eager to connect! You can write to me at elana (at)

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